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Quality Control

Quality Control


Testing Equipment

Three-coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

3D scanner

Cleanliness testing

Optical microscope

Optical microscope


Wind tunnel

Tightness tester

Roughness profiler

Electrical performance test equipment (independent research and development)

Welding strength tensile machine

Horizontal projector

Package Pin Bonding Machine Wire Bonding

Unbalance Tester

MaPao2S automatic grinding and polishing machine

Thickness Gauge

High temperature test chamber

Keyence Microscope

Force Gauge

Quality policy:

The company adheres to people-oriented, continuous improvement and continuous innovation to meet customer expectations.




System standard:

The company has introduced and implemented the IATF16949 quality management system. Through the three modules of quality planning, quality control and quality improvement, the process and product stability are improved, and a quality assurance mechanism with full participation, defect prevention, and reduction of variation and waste has been established to continuously meet customer requirements and expectations.


System control:

Use APQP process for project development management, find problems early, identify process and product risks, and avoid defective products in the later stage; establish and improve supplier management systems, and pass supplier selection, supplier audit, supplier performance monitoring, incoming material inspection, etc. Ways to ensure the quality of incoming materials; control the stability of people, machines, materials, methods, and the environment in the production process, perform quality checks on the first product, patrol inspection, and final inspection of the product, set up a quality firewall to ensure the quality of the delivered product; collect customer feedback, Actively handle customer complaints, improve internal quality management, and establish strategic partnerships with customers.

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