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Team Building

Team Building


Focus on communication


1. Bulletin Board

We are equipped with bulletin boards in the workshops or main activity places of each subsidiary to post announcements and notices on safety, quality, working conditions and other matters related to your work. The workshop is responsible for the production department and the quality department, and the office is composed of The Administration and Human Resources Department is responsible. Anyone who wishes to release relevant information through the bulletin board must obtain their prior consent.

2. Employee Satisfaction Survey

Tianlong shares at least once a year to comprehensively consult all employees about his work and the company's operations, and this will be kept confidential. These answers will help improve the management of superiors.

3. Reasonable suggestions (suggestion box)

In your work, you may have some suggestions, better working methods, or constructive criticisms. Tianlong welcomes criticism and suggestions, which are important to the success and future of our Tianlong. Please tell your direct boss or put your suggestions into the company's special suggestion box.

4. Door opening policy

If any employee has questions about the contents of this manual or has concerns about any working conditions, the door of the subsidiary company and Tianlong's management office will be open for them at any time, and we welcome individual discussions. We encourage employees to use this "open door policy". Similarly, when your supervisor cannot solve the problem, the general manager of your subsidiary or the management of Tianlong Co., Ltd. will encourage you to use this "door-opening policy" to help you solve the problem.

5. Problem solving and appeal procedures

Tianlong is an enterprising company that is doing everything possible to gain a good reputation. However, we also realize that everyone will have some problems related to operation or management from time to time. These problems cannot be discussed in employee meetings, seminars or In the special discussion, if any employee feels that they have such a problem and expects to discuss it with their supervisor, they should freely communicate with their supervisor or general manager, or the management of Tianlong Co., Ltd. Of course, this kind of communication should also be carried out in accordance with a certain procedure: from the employee’s direct boss, to the boss’s boss, and then to the general manager or Tianlong’s management.

6. Forum

The symposium is a small informal discussion between employees and management, the purpose of which is to discuss some opinions, suggestions and questions. This type of meeting is held every six months or when management deems it necessary. For employees, this type of symposium is an opportunity for the company to understand their views.

7. Entry Guidelines

For new employees, within the first week of joining the company, you will receive the entry guidance from your direct supervisor and the human resources department, aiming to give you a systematic understanding of the company’s general situation, culture, various systems and work content .


Training development


Tianlong Group regards the development of employees as the driving force to support the development of the company. Only the continuous development of employees can promote the sustainable development of the company.
In order to gradually improve the knowledge and business capabilities of employees, the company regularly trains personnel at all levels, encourages employees to continue to learn and progress, and actively provides development opportunities for those with professional knowledge.

Through diversified training and employee professional knowledge training, the company taps the internal potential of employees, cultivates outstanding talents, creates an atmosphere of self-motivation and self-improvement for employees, and promotes the healthy development of the company's talent team.


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