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Campus Recruiting

Campus Recruiting


1. Recruitment

  1. The interns start with the training position when they enter the job : the salary is equal to that of the grassroots front-line staff. The salary is required to be over 18 years old, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, can adapt to shifts and overtime, obey the work arrangement of the team leader, without color blindness, color weakness, no tattoos, Boys have no hair dye;
  2. The development direction of excellent interns:


Training position


Professional requirements

Job development direction

Quality Control

Detection and measurement


Able to understand mechanical drawings, professional basic knowledge of three views

Quality engineer, project engineer

Assembly Department



Have a certain basic knowledge of electromechanics

Assembly engineer

Production operation

Injection molding machine equipment maintenance


Have a good professional foundation in electromechanics, and be able to understand circuit diagrams

Equipment Engineer

Production operation

Injection molding process debugging

Mechatronics/CNC/Auto Repair

Able to understand mechanical drawings, interested in plastics, molds, and injection molding machines

Process Engineer

Mold Department

Mold draftsman


Know CAD, UG design software

Mold design

Engineering Department

IE Assistant Engineer

Industrial Engineering

Major in industrial engineering, know how to use CAD

IE engineer


2. Cultivation plan and career development

1. The training goals of new interns are combined with the company's development strategy and the interns' personal career planning; the assessment indicators are quantifiable, clear, specific, realistic, and focused on different positions and majors.

The appraisal is objective, fair, and realistic. Do not wear colored glasses to exaggerate or devalue the actual performance of the interns.

2. The training of interns is divided into three stages: "basic training", "rotation training", and "job training", which lasts for half a year. All new interns must work in relevant positions in the company's workshop for no less than 3 months.

3. Career development and promotion channels (self-evaluated by enterprises)

The company provides both technical and management career development channels for all employees. Talents with management potential can be recruited through competition after being trained in on-site craftsmanship, serving as team leaders, and developing into middle and high-level management.


3. Developmental salary system and rich and diversified welfare system

Wages are adjusted to a certain extent every year.

Insurance: Pay commercial insurance during the internship period, and pay the statutory social insurance and housing provident fund after graduation.

Life: Breakfast is free, lunch and dinner are personally borne by 3 yuan/meal, accommodation is 5-6 people/room, facilities include air-conditioning, TV, tables and chairs, etc., and internet.

Other types of benefits: the company comes forward to apply for job title declaration, birthday benefits, and free training.



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